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1. Analysis Summary

Use the Analysis Summary tab to see an overview of all of your analysis and the latest status.

You can group by Customer Reference, Serial, Operator, Site, Aircraft or Vessel and also view totals of new/unread, as well as all/read analysis.

2. Dashboards

View the Oil, Debris & Filter, Hydraulic Fluid, Fuel, Coolant, Transformer, & Gas Path Dashboards using the tabs at the top.

Use the STATUS area to see the latest category of analysis for each equipment, the FIND are will allow you to search through data and select from drop-down lists for easy access, or the QUICK area to perform all tasks, including statistical reviews and data exports.

3. Reports

Access reports for each equipment. Comments may be added if you wish to keep a record, or forward on. Multiple languages may be available for laboratory reports.

Using the SAMPLE button for laboratory, or the Routine Reports as zip link for GPA, you can also view historic ones

4. Changes & Additions

Register new details using the + Operator, + Equipment or + Reporting buttons.

Click on Equipment/Aircraft/Vessels to view their details, make amendments, and then click the Submit Changes button to notify us.

5. Submit Data

You can Submit Samples, ship to the laboratory for analysis, and then track using the Processing quick link.

Enter Gas Path Manual Flight Data, or upload Electronic Data, for your aircraft.

Some features/facilities are dependant on the analysis and account type.