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Search and show your equipment quickly and easily using your device to scan your unique QR Codes or Bar Codes. more...

Create improved distributions of your test results and compare 2 tests/elements across your fleet. more...

Upload and link your own related document files with your equipment and access them anywhere via webECHO. more...

Submit samples online to pre-notify us. Your samples will be processed more quickly and accurately and you can monitor undelivered samples. more...

Interact with your GPA graphs - see individual data points, engine changes, events and anti-ice points by hovering over them. more...

View historic GPA trend comments for an aircraft/equipment. more...

Create real-time PDF reports of your GPA trends, data and fleet overview, with or without current comments. more...

Create your own custom 'watch list' of aircraft/equipment requiring special attention. more...

View your detailed history of debris/filter analysis including your image library and materials. more...

GPA User Guide
Aviation User Guide
Marine User Guide
Industrial User Guide

View your data, analyse statistics and create reports for all of your analysis in a single location.

Categorise equipment quickly by status and latest analysis.

Filter by status, last date of data or any other criteria.

Download your analysis reports, including language specific versions for oil.

Carry out real-time analysis and graphing.

Review and request changes as well as registering new sites/equipment/reporting.

Send messages quickly and securely.

Available 24/7/365.

Accessible from multiple devices simultaneously.

No software installation required.

If you have a request for a new feature, or any questions on current ones, please contact the team.